A New Year’s Resolution

New Years Resolution

Some parents have been known to etch lines on a door jam to record the growth of their children. This creative and sentimental visual can be fun to look at over the years, but problematic if you decide to move. We’ve actually heard of people removing the wood and taking it with them as a keepsake!

These days, savvy Pinterest users know how to make giant wooden ruler wall decorations to record how tall a child grows, solving the problem of how to take it with you if you should move. You should definitely try this, but hopefully it’s not the only way you record your child’s growth. Although the giant ruler might work, it won’t record those sweet freckles and toothless grins of those growing stages. At Jack Randall Photography, we know a better way to capture your growing family…

So What’s Your New Year’s Resolution?
Consider making your new year’s resolution a happy one: visit Orange County’s #1 photography studio, Jack Randall Photography this year for family portraits and let us record your growing family! We are so proud to photograph the families that return to us year after year. It’s always fun for us to see how everyone has changed.

There are many painful New Year’s resolutions: no caffeine, no sweets, more exercise, etc…but Jack Randall Photography can offer you a resolution that will be easy and will actually bring you joy for years to come: pictures of those precious faces. The good news is, a commitment to recording the growth of your family can begin at any time, not just in January. We can’t wait to see you. Until then, you can make door jam markings or go make a giant wooden ruler.

We will wait for you.