Beautiful Photo On The Beach

Beach Surprise

What would you do if your spouse planned a surprise wedding vow renewal on the beach?

Recently, we took part in a 25th anniversary SURPRISE wedding vow renewal on the beach and it was super sweet.  The bride thought she was just going for a quick look at the ocean before romantic dinner plans. During the walk, the couple approached a woman standing on the beach (Dyana of Eventually Events) who explains to the unsuspecting bride that her husband had prearranged a sunset ceremony for the two of them. (oMYgoodness everyone say awwwww at the same time because this was just too sweet for words.) Fortunately, Jack’s son Shane was there with his camera to catch it all!

Sneaky Shane Gets All The Good Shots

An event like a surprise wedding vow renewal takes some planning on the part of the coordinator, photographer and groom. All the players in the story know that they must appear completely normal and inconspicuous until the perfect moment. As you can see from the pictures, the beautiful bride is very surprised by her husband’s romantic gesture and doesn’t even realize there is a camera there until the ceremony starts. Orange County photography has never been so much fun as it was this day and Shane’s pictures tell the whole story. Shane stopped time and captured a few unforgettable moments for this couple to add to their happy memories of a lifetime of love.

Honestly folks…

If you are feeling nostalgic, romantic and lovey-dovey, you don’t have to wait 25 years for sweetheart pictures. Contact Eventually Events for surprise party planning and Jack Randall Photography will bring the camera.