All About Senior Portraits

Senior Photo

It’s that time of year. Parents forgot to schedule senior portraits in the fall and are now scrambling so that they have time to get announcements made and they’re looking for a deal because  a) that’s just smart business and  b) the wallet is a little light from the holidays. Never fear, Jack Randall Photography is here. Take a moment to relax, we can help you out of this jam.  We hear it all the time:

I Forgot to Book

The most common statement we hear about senior portraits goes something like this, “Time got away from us and we forgot to book an appointment. How soon can we get in and get our pictures back?”  We understand.  In a world full of activities and obligations, it’s easy to get sidetracked.  According to the LA Times, there are 83 high schools in Orange County, CA. That is a lot of sports, music, dancing and studying going on in our neck of the woods!  It’s no wonder that parents forget to schedule a photo appointment.

Pictures are Expensive

Did you know that photography studios actually spend a great deal of time trying to figure out packages that mirror what the client is looking for? Jack Randall Photography has been around Dana Point, CA for so long that we have seen the trend move from prints to the digital age. Today’s clients want digital images included in their packages – but that was not always the option. Photographers have historically been fiercely protective of their negatives – er – digital files – and have been reluctant to make them available. Like all industries, public demand drives the market and more and more photographers are making those digital images available for purchase. So which is more expensive, the digital image or a print? Digital images cost the client more in upfront purchase from the photographer because the file can be reproduced (printed) in any size by the drugstore photo printer kiosk.

What should my son/daughter wear?

This is perhaps the easiest to solve. Pick your favorite outfit and put on a smile!  Seriously, though…bright colors, avoid loud prints and uncomfortable fits. Choose clothes you can move around in and consider the location details. If in doubt, call the studio (949) 248-5198 and we will be happy to talk about the different locations.  You can see pictures taken at our preferred locations HERE.

One more thing about high school seniors…bring an alternate outfit, or two! A compromise might be in order as you negotiate the wardrobe. It’s the same old story every generation knows: mom and dad would really like to see their soon-to-be graduate all dressed up in Sunday best, but the graduate would really like to wear their baseball uniform. At Jack Randall Photography, you can do it all. Everyone wins with us.