Good Question: What should I wear to my photoshoot?

Great Engagement Photo

“What Should I Wear?”

(…or more importantly, what NOT to wear!)

We, as people, get dressed every day. Well, hopefully we all do! So why is it so stressful, nerve-racking and utterly mind-boggling for otherwise intelligent individuals to choose cool clothes to wear for professional photographs?

Well, because it is! No, not really, but it seems as such at the time. When you are spending hard-earned money and precious time with a photographer you like, trust and feel comfortable with, you want to look just right. And rightfully so! These are your life moments—whatever point your at, whether it’s an engagement, newborn or family christmas card session—you deserve to look and feel the magic in the moments that we are so lucky to capture. So, follow these simple suggestions and just smile!

• Look like yourself: Meaning, if you never wear Hawaiian shirts, don’t go for that look for your annual family photo.
• Avoid too much of anything: Patterns, stripes and florals are all fine in moderation, but actually do more to distract from your face than accentuate your pics.
• Don’t be too matchy-matchy: Unless you want to emulate The Brady Bunch, avoid wearing exactly the same color, collar or style.
• Do blend compilmentry colors with subtle textures and patterns: Shades of blue always work well with variations of white or beige, as do pastels, and opposites on the color wheel.
• Don’t date yourself! Neon may be the hot, hip color right now, but in 10 years will you feel the same? Think back to any old photo you wish was never taken! Keep your style simple, classic and timeless.

More important than the clothes, we believe, after being in the the biz for almost 30 years is this: Take a deep breath and just breathe. Really! Then laugh, get comfortable, be silly, have fun and forget about us. You’re there to just be yourselves and it’s our job to capture that on film.  We are so happy to this question for our clients.