Style vs. Stylized

Wedding Photography Style

Which image style should be featured on a photographer’s website?

When shopping for a wedding photographer, do you notice the artistic style of the pictures on their website? Would you rather see images of everyday people on their happiest day or or pictures of models carefully chosen for their physical appearance who are being paid to participate in a photo shoot?

Wedding Images by Jack Randall

At Jack Randall Photography in Dana Point, our website features pictures of our real clients. Our portfolio reflects images from our most recent work, as well as a few all-time favorites that we still enjoy looking at. We think it’s important for you to see our everyday artistic style so that you will know what to expect from your own session when you book with us.  We also feel there is a difference between showing off our style and showing off a commercial photo shoot that has been stylized and planned by a committee. 

What is Artistic Style?

Artistic style is best understood as “the manner in which we do things”. This is what we hope shines through in every family portrait, professional head shot and wedding ceremony on the Jack Randall Photography website.  Catching the unrehearsed giggle of a child or the loving glance of a truly engaged couple are the moments we are so good a capturing. Although a “stylized” photo shoot is useful for selling the products associated with a wedding such as a wedding dress or floral arrangements, always remember that it has been conformed to a style – whose style – you may never know because it was done with a mishmash of designer input.  

Your Wedding

Before you book a session with a professional photographer, make sure you have viewed a portfolio of actual client sessions and not over-processed images created solely for advertising purposes. There is a difference in the skills required for each.  (Or you could just call Jack…)