The “Best Fit” Photographer

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How To Choose The Photographer That Fits You Best

Let’s face it—these days, everyone including your grandmother is an awesome photographer. From Facebook to Instagram, selfies, facies and snappies (yes, all those words exist!), if you need a photo taken, someone is at your beck and call to snap it—and fast.

So how do you choose a photographer? And why spend so much money when your best friend, or Uncle Bob offers to do it for free? In this day and age of ridiculously smart phones, point and shoot cameras and DIY photography lessons, why invest in your photographer? In our opinion—because you’re worth it.

First off, trust your instincts and don’t go against your own personality or style. Finding the right photographer that fits you is just as important, if not more, than finding the the right dress that fits the most flattering. After being in the photography business for almost 30 years, there is something to be said about longevity, reputation, trust and the commitment that a photographer provides to their clients.

The best photographers are easy to spot

An awesome photographer should want for you; they will want your photos to take your breath away; they will want you to think this moment is the most perfect; and they will want your heart to get a little fuller with joy when you look back on your special day. Your photos, your memories, your unique moments—they deserve to be anything but ordinary. Not only for you, but to all those in your life that matter, and that you share them with.

You deserve the best. Think about that for a moment. You demand nothing less in so many other aspects of your life. There is a huge difference between value and price. Anyone can take pictures, but only a true professional can capture the heart. Professionals may be expensive but amateurs can cost a fortune! The results, with the latter, are natural, artistically rendered and profoundly moving, and deliver a finished product that reflects the warmth, love and beauty of your session.

And in our humble opinion, if a photographer really loves what they do, then it’s a blessing for them to capture your special day and you will have found your “best fit”.