The Secret Sauce for Headshots

Secret To Happy Marriage

So many times we hear our clients say that they don’t enjoy having their pictures taken.  The excuses we often hear vary from the fear of having a “fake looking smile” to the good old standard, “I need to lose 10 pounds.” Even though there is no shortage of “selfies” on social media, people just don’t seem to feel comfortable with the professional photographic “process”.

Our take on the best headshots

Our theory is that many organized and professional portraiture experiences over the years have been missing a true and personal connection between photographer and subject. A successful, professional photographer must be many things all at once: visually creative, technically knowledgeable and genuinely friendly.


          adjective friend·ly \fren(d)-lee\

          : acting like a friend : kind and helpful

          : having or showing the feelings that friends have for each other

          : showing support or approval

Yes friendly… because a true, personal connection is the real “secret sauce” ingredient that sets apart an average photo session from a WOW photo session.

At Jack Randall Photography, we know that when people are at ease, the “process” of having a picture taken becomes less like a “process” and more like a friendly gathering that is (dare we suggest?) fun! After all, the best pictures are always those where clients are captured simply being themselves.  We must be doing a few things right, because our clients become our friends and return year after year to see us. It’s probably our “secret sauce” recipe.