Wedding Photography; The Cost, Value and Worth

Military Wedding Photo

“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur.”  Weddings are expensive.  When adding up the items on the list and comparing it to the budget, wedding photography is often the area where couples hope to save some money.  “Do we know anyone with a camera? I think my cousin takes pictures. Maybe we can just hire a college student?”  The cost/worth/value of hiring a professional photographer is something you should carefully consider when planning your special day.


The cost of professional photography varies greatly depending on the services and products you require.  According to the average price for wedding photography in the United States is $2814.  Certain regional areas can be slightly more. (Regional areas such as our very own, Southern California) Why so much cost? Time, attention, artistry and experience are all marketable skills.  When a professional photographer has worked for years in the industry, there is demand for their dependable services.  We often hear stories from our clients that end with “you get what you pay for” in this industry.


Do you want a photographer to be on time, look the part, have updated equipment and have a rapport with you and your guests?  Do you want your images to be in focus with proper lighting? Do you want a creative style that captures the feeling of the day as well as those special group family images? What about the follow up work after the wedding?  What sort of editing is available? How long will it take to receive your prints? Hiring a professional photographer who has the training to deliver these points will give you peace of mind that your money has been well spent.


What is it really worth to you to make sure that the special moments of your wedding are beautifully photographed?  The flowers will fade and the food will be digested, but the photographs remain for a lifetime.  You should plan on spending enough money to hire a professional photographer for your wedding – even if you have to cut back elsewhere.  When it is over you want to be thrilled with your images, not regretful.

Don’t regret your choice in wedding photography.  Contact Jack Randall Photography and Video for professional, reliable artistry.