What is a Preferred Vendor?

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Our studio has enjoyed many long-term, preferred vendor relationships with Southern California wedding venues such as Disneyland, The Laguna Cliffs Marriott, The Grand Tradition, Tivoli Terraces and the Hacienda, The Chart House, Orangehill Restaurant, Dove Canyon, Crystal Cove, The Ranch, The Hyatt Huntington Beach etc… In the past 30 thirty years, Jack has been blessed to work at so many places in and around Orange County that he has become a good source of information for brides who are searching for the perfect location.  Are you looking for glitz and glamour?  Jack knows where to find it. Are you looking for cozy & rustic? Jack knows where that is, too!  We are so honored when a venue says, “we like you” and invites us to join their preferred vendor list; it’s an endorsement of our proven track record of service and quality

We Like You”

A favorite wedding location sticks out to a photography crew initially because of the physical beauty, but continues to sparkle and shine because of exceptional staff and service. We all have our favorite places to work and preferred vendors; if you ask us, we would be happy to tell you where and why. Our squad has too many favorite wedding memories to list here! You can be sure that we when all get together and start reminiscing about past ceremonies we are thankful that our work has taken us to such beautiful places and introduced us to so many good people.


“It’s a proven track record of service and quality.”

Long time photographers know that maintaining a high level of quality and dependability will please more than your initial client. Over time, respected venues prefer an easy working relationship with dependable top talent. Happy wedding couples translate into good social media reviews for everyone!  Being asked to join the preferred vendor list has meaning.  It says to the world that you are worthy of special consideration because of a trusted level of quality. When vendors become “frienders” it’s a bonus! It makes the wedding experience so much fun for the crews working together. Wedding couples should not be shy about asking each of their vendors who they like working with – most will have at least a short list of talented “frienders” for you to check out.


“It’s an Honor”

Even though it’s great fun for us to work at a favorite venue, we never forget that entry onto the preferred vendor list was an invitation and we are a guest. It is the highest of B2B compliments for a professional entity to recommend another. We don’t take it lightly and we thank you very, very much for all of the LOVE over the years.  We are honored to have been included and look forward to more fun.