Merry Christmas Photos

“Christmas Tingle”

It happens every year at some point; but I can never predict exactly when.  You know what I am referring to, It’s the moment when the “Christmas Tingle” hits.  That warm, fuzzy feeling that feels like past Christmas nostalgia, hope for…
kids with dog

Hello From the Other Side

Thank you Orange County; we love you.  The 2016 holiday family portrait season has been the busiest ever at Jack Randall Photography. At times, we had 8 photographers working up to 20 sessions a day at 5 preferred locations across Southern…
Wedding Photography Style

Style vs. Stylized

Which image style should be featured on a photographer’s website? When shopping for a wedding photographer, do you notice the artistic style of the pictures on their website? Would you rather see images of everyday people on their happiest…
Orange County Family on the beach

It’s Winter in Orange County

Orange County has the best weather in the United States.  We should probably feel a little guilty when we watch a national weather forecast and we see the rest of the nation dealing with snow and rain, but hey, our weather is changing here,…
Jack Randall's Office

Happy Thanks Giving From Our Family To Yours

They say that if you want to know what someone loves, take a look at what they photograph. At Jack Randall Photography in Dana Point, CA, we love people.  Happy Thanksgiving, from our family to yours!
Family Photograph

9 Tips for Holiday Photography

Hold the Cheeeeeeese, Please. Try to limit the posed, in line group photos. A formal pose is nice – do take one, but don’t forget to have fun with the group. Candid moments that show true expressions are usually the family favorite group…
Secret To Happy Marriage

The Secret Sauce for Headshots

So many times we hear our clients say that they don't enjoy having their pictures taken.  The excuses we often hear vary from the fear of having a "fake looking smile" to the good old standard, "I need to lose 10 pounds." Even though there…
Great Engagement Photo

Good Question: What should I wear to my photoshoot?

"What Should I Wear?" (…or more importantly, what NOT to wear!) We, as people, get dressed every day. Well, hopefully we all do! So why is it so stressful, nerve-racking and utterly mind-boggling for otherwise intelligent individuals to…
Sleeping Baby Photos

The “Best Fit” Photographer

How To Choose The Photographer That Fits You Best Let's face it—these days, everyone including your grandmother is an awesome photographer. From Facebook to Instagram, selfies, facies and snappies (yes, all those words exist!), if you need…