Proven to Get More Attention

What Makes Our Headshots Unique?

You may think all headshots are about the same, but there are subtle differences between a good one and a great one. We have over 25 years of experience, so we know how to bring out your true spirit.

With the increase in online activity, the need for business headshots has grown exponentially. Here are a few of the uses for a high-quality professional headshot:

  • Online resumes
  • Emails
  • Company websites
  • Employee recognition
  • LinkedIn profile

Headshots have different purposes, but they all have one thing in common: gaining attention. Treat yourself to a different experience and let Jack Randall Photography capture the social or business headshot you deserve. Book an appointment or call us for rates today!

Unrivaled Experience

From a technical perspective, no one in Orange County has as much experience as Jack Randall Photography. We not only set the stage, the lighting and even clothing. But we also choose the perfect lense every time, something that amateurs often over look. So how much does the right lense matter? Check out this animation to see the affect lenses have on face structure.

Photo Lense Distorts Headshots

See How Headshots Look With Different Lenses

Your Business Headshot

These may seem easy to create at first, but an effective professional headshot requires a photographer who understands your sense of style, along with your company’s branding. A client’s decision to do business with you is often based on the confidence and poise your photographer can capture.

We offer beautiful, high-quality business headshots that will help you stand out in a crowd.

Your Social Headshot

An inspired professional headshot on a dating website can actually help change the course of your life. Go from single to meaningful relationship in an instant! A quality social profile image can keep friends and family up to date and show past classmates how ”you haven’t changed a bit!”

Let one of our professional photographers make every angle look like your good side.