Wedding Videos

Motion Pictures.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a motion picture worth? A wedding day video is one of life’s priceless possessions and we think it’s a must-have companion for the wedding picture album. Trust all your pictures – even the motion pictures – to Jack Randall Photography & Video.

The modern-day wedding video is a stylish, love-song music video featuring the Bride and Groom in the starring roles. This is your once-in-a-lifetime dream day and Jack Randall Photography & Video is here to help you remember it all with a beautifully arranged video.

What We Offer:

Our studio offers four levels of video coverage: 8 hour, 6 hour, 2 hour and a Love Story Video. A Cinematic Highlight Film and Raw, Unedited footage available for purchase.

Pre-Wedding Love Story

Tell your own unique Love Story with a 5-10 minute long video. Our professional videos include interviews with your unique story: how you met, fell in love, got engaged, and your hopes and dreams for the future. 

We’ll include pictures from your wedding with a slideshow accompanied by your favorite song.  Think of it as the video equivalent of an engagement session.  We will work with you to pick a location or multiple locations that have meaning in order to help tell your special story. 

Then share your Love Story at the rehearsal dinner, during the reception or via social media. Every story is unique, let yours be heard.

Cinematic Highlight Film

The length of this film is generally covered by one or two songs. It’s a digital memory book of “the best of the best” moments from the wedding day and is perfect for sharing on Facebook. Audio clips from the day are edited for emotional impact and paired with the most beautiful images. Final product is approximately *3-5 minutes of “Wow!”

Raw, Unedited Footage

This DVD will contain all of the video shot from your day “as is” without any arrangement.

*Video length is an average length. The actual length of your video will depend on how many wedding activities you have.

Contact the studio for booking and pricing information.

Wedding Videos

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Our Story

More than 30 years ago, when Jack Randall was looking to change careers, his sister, a longtime studio owner, introduced him to photography. They found that clients connected with him so easily that their true personalities shone through in their photos.

Jack says that the most satisfying moment, in any session, is feeling that he has captured his clients’ genuine emotions. And when he hears of people enjoying his portraits in their homes all over the world, he feels truly fulfilled, and immensely grateful.