Behind The Scenes At Jack Randall

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What is a Preferred Vendor?

Our studio has enjoyed many long-term, preferred vendor relationships with Southern California wedding venues such as Disneyland, The Laguna Cliffs Marriott, The Grand Tradition, Tivoli Terraces and the Hacienda, The Chart House, Orangehill Restaurant, Dove Canyon, Crystal Cove, The Ranch, The Hyatt Huntington Beach etc… In the past 30 thirty years, Jack has been blessed to work at so many places in and around Orange County that he has become a good source of information for brides who are searching for the perfect location.  Are you looking for glitz and glamour?  Jack knows where to find it. Are you looking for cozy & rustic? Jack knows where that is, too!  We are so honored when a venue says, “we like you” and invites us to join their preferred vendor list; it’s an endorsement of our proven track record of service and quality

We Like You”

A favorite wedding location sticks out to a photography crew initially because of the physical beauty, but continues to sparkle and shine because of exceptional staff and service. We all have our favorite places to work and preferred vendors; if you ask us, we would be happy to tell you where and why. Our squad has too many favorite wedding memories to list here! You can be sure that we when all get together and start reminiscing about past ceremonies we are thankful that our work has taken us to such beautiful places and introduced us to so many good people.


“It’s a proven track record of service and quality.”

Long time photographers know that maintaining a high level of quality and dependability will please more than your initial client. Over time, respected venues prefer an easy working relationship with dependable top talent. Happy wedding couples translate into good social media reviews for everyone!  Being asked to join the preferred vendor list has meaning.  It says to the world that you are worthy of special consideration because of a trusted level of quality. When vendors become “frienders” it’s a bonus! It makes the wedding experience so much fun for the crews working together. Wedding couples should not be shy about asking each of their vendors who they like working with – most will have at least a short list of talented “frienders” for you to check out.


“It’s an Honor”

Even though it’s great fun for us to work at a favorite venue, we never forget that entry onto the preferred vendor list was an invitation and we are a guest. It is the highest of B2B compliments for a professional entity to recommend another. We don’t take it lightly and we thank you very, very much for all of the LOVE over the years.  We are honored to have been included and look forward to more fun.

Family Fun with Banks

What Does Mom Want for Mother’s Day?

A Gift for Mother…

What gift will your mother receive this Sunday? Will it be a beautiful bouquet of flowers or will it be a thoughtful trinket? Maybe a better question would be “what does your mom really want for Mother’s Day?”

Chances are, she wants a bit of your time for a visit and to catch up with all the busy details of your life. Moms are like that. Moms and Grandmoms like to hear what your up to and then share it with their friends. You can be certain that your Mother’s Day gift (whatever it is) will be proudly shown off and talked about with all the ladies who lunch. (No pressure.)

This year, why don’t you surprise your mother with something that she will surely treasure all year long – a family portrait! Don’t worry that you don’t have time to get pictures taken before this Sunday – we have gift certificates! There is still time to plan the best Mother’s Day gift ever.

Imagine your mom receiving a beautiful bouquet of flowers with a family portrait gift certificate attached. She will delight as she begins to make plans for getting the whole family together. Your gift will the be highlight of the day and topic of conversation as the family gathers to celebrate mom. 

No one is available for a family photo

We know that your family has different schedules and possibly even lives in different areas. Coordinating a family photo session could be complicated.  Do it anyway! You will not be sorry that you put in the effort to gather up the kids and grandkids. Jack Randall Photography can help make your family appointment fun and easy.  We do this sort of thing everyday…

Military Wedding Photo

Wedding Photography; The Cost, Value and Worth

“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur.”  Weddings are expensive.  When adding up the items on the list and comparing it to the budget, wedding photography is often the area where couples hope to save some money.  “Do we know anyone with a camera? I think my cousin takes pictures. Maybe we can just hire a college student?”  The cost/worth/value of hiring a professional photographer is something you should carefully consider when planning your special day.


The cost of professional photography varies greatly depending on the services and products you require.  According to the average price for wedding photography in the United States is $2814.  Certain regional areas can be slightly more. (Regional areas such as our very own, Southern California) Why so much cost? Time, attention, artistry and experience are all marketable skills.  When a professional photographer has worked for years in the industry, there is demand for their dependable services.  We often hear stories from our clients that end with “you get what you pay for” in this industry.


Do you want a photographer to be on time, look the part, have updated equipment and have a rapport with you and your guests?  Do you want your images to be in focus with proper lighting? Do you want a creative style that captures the feeling of the day as well as those special group family images? What about the follow up work after the wedding?  What sort of editing is available? How long will it take to receive your prints? Hiring a professional photographer who has the training to deliver these points will give you peace of mind that your money has been well spent.


What is it really worth to you to make sure that the special moments of your wedding are beautifully photographed?  The flowers will fade and the food will be digested, but the photographs remain for a lifetime.  You should plan on spending enough money to hire a professional photographer for your wedding – even if you have to cut back elsewhere.  When it is over you want to be thrilled with your images, not regretful.

Don’t regret your choice in wedding photography.  Contact Jack Randall Photography and Video for professional, reliable artistry.

open house invitation

You Are Invited to Our Open House

Jack Randall Photography is hosting an open house on Wednesday, May 2 from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.  Our entire team will be on site to provide tours, answer questions about our services and talk about why we should be working together!  As an added bonus, those who stop by to see us on Wednesday will have the opportunity to take advantage of a complimentary professional headshot.

For nearly 30 years, Jack Randall has been one of the most respected Orange County Photographers.  With over 5000 weddings in his portfolio, he has seen many popular fashions come and go over the years. Through all the trends, Jack’s dedication to quality and value have always set him apart from others.  A sign of stability and dedication, the studio has always served as a reminder to our clients that Jack Randall Photography is here to stay. In a world where so many can label themselves as professional photographers who are ready to accept payment for your photography, Jack Randall really is a professional and he has a decades-long stellar reputation that speaks for itself.

In the past few years, the studio team has had a true family synergy as Jack’s sons, John and Shane have shared photography responsibilities. It has been a dream fulfilled for Jack to work alongside his talented and creative sons. Moving into the second generation of Jack Randall Photography, clients will continue to enjoy quality creative photography and top notch value.  At Jack Randall Photography we are….anything but ordinary!

Come Join Us!

You’re invited to our special open house on Wednesday but we are also extending an open invitation for you to stop by anytime it’s convenient for you. We genuinely look forward to meeting new friends and catching up with our long-time friends. Our team is exciting about sharing details about our services: beautiful family portraits, professional head shots and wedding photography.

Senior Photo

All About Senior Portraits

It’s that time of year. Parents forgot to schedule senior portraits in the fall and are now scrambling so that they have time to get announcements made and they’re looking for a deal because  a) that’s just smart business and  b) the wallet is a little light from the holidays. Never fear, Jack Randall Photography is here. Take a moment to relax, we can help you out of this jam.  We hear it all the time:

I Forgot to Book

The most common statement we hear about senior portraits goes something like this, “Time got away from us and we forgot to book an appointment. How soon can we get in and get our pictures back?”  We understand.  In a world full of activities and obligations, it’s easy to get sidetracked.  According to the LA Times, there are 83 high schools in Orange County, CA. That is a lot of sports, music, dancing and studying going on in our neck of the woods!  It’s no wonder that parents forget to schedule a photo appointment.

Pictures are Expensive

Did you know that photography studios actually spend a great deal of time trying to figure out packages that mirror what the client is looking for? Jack Randall Photography has been around Dana Point, CA for so long that we have seen the trend move from prints to the digital age. Today’s clients want digital images included in their packages – but that was not always the option. Photographers have historically been fiercely protective of their negatives – er – digital files – and have been reluctant to make them available. Like all industries, public demand drives the market and more and more photographers are making those digital images available for purchase. So which is more expensive, the digital image or a print? Digital images cost the client more in upfront purchase from the photographer because the file can be reproduced (printed) in any size by the drugstore photo printer kiosk.

What should my son/daughter wear?

This is perhaps the easiest to solve. Pick your favorite outfit and put on a smile!  Seriously, though…bright colors, avoid loud prints and uncomfortable fits. Choose clothes you can move around in and consider the location details. If in doubt, call the studio (949) 248-5198 and we will be happy to talk about the different locations.  You can see pictures taken at our preferred locations HERE.

One more thing about high school seniors…bring an alternate outfit, or two! A compromise might be in order as you negotiate the wardrobe. It’s the same old story every generation knows: mom and dad would really like to see their soon-to-be graduate all dressed up in Sunday best, but the graduate would really like to wear their baseball uniform. At Jack Randall Photography, you can do it all. Everyone wins with us.

Family on the ocean

Three Special Things About a Beach Photo Shoot

One of Jack Randall Photography’s preferred locations for portraits is Table Rock Beach in Laguna Beach.  Over the years, we have photographed thousands of families there and fielded hundreds of questions about wardrobe and weather.  Before you schedule a beach photo shoot, you should ask yourself a few things about the type of photo you want to create.  A beach setting takes normal outdoor elements and makes them special for photographs : the wind, the sun, the water.

The Wind

Even though Orange County is known for it’s desirable weather, the conditions down by the water can be a little different from what is experienced inland. A slight breeze on the road can be a strong wind on the sand. The wind is something that we can not control and oh! how great it would be if we could. Sometimes, we wish we could modulate it and turn it up for a dramatic whoosh of a sheer dress or veil.  At other times, we wish we could turn it down to blow just a wisp of hair gently across the face. Somedays, there is no wind at all. One thing for certain, it is an unpredictable influence on photographs that we must all agree to work with when we decide to photograph at the beach.  The key is to go with it.  The most beautiful beach sessions are always those where everyone is ready to accept the conditions we discover when we arrive. If you are extremely concerned with keeping your hair from movement, the beach might not be for you.  Beach sessions should be carefree and not overly made up; perfect for families and playful couples.

The Sun

A beach photo session may or may not include full sun. A sunny day without clouds may seem like the perfect day to photography at the beach, but full sun can be problematic in it’s own way with shadows. Surprisingly, a cloudy day affords it’s own special look not found at any other time because the clouds function as a natural light diffuser. Partial clouds can offer their own beautiful look by adding unusual contrasts in the background over the water against a sunset. On the day you schedule your appointment, we can’t predict the type of weather you will have for your beach photo shoot, but if you have an open mind about accepting the beach conditions we discover then your session will be fun and result in unique and beautiful images. Choosing wardrobe can be tricky; are you trying to blend with the elements or stand out? It comes down to your personal preference. Take a look at the family portraits we have taken at the beach and find a style that appeals to you.

The Water

The back drop of the ocean is a grand visual element.  Again, depending on the wind and the sun, the look of the water will reflect certain colors throughout the day.  However, the water is not just a backdrop; it can also be a beautiful prop if you choose to roll up your pant legs and take a walk on the wet sand.  We encourage you to frolic – yes, frolic – for the pictures at the end of your session.  Get wet.  Splash around. This is the grandest of all props that is only found here at a beach photo session.  Bring a towel and don’t miss it!



New Years Resolution

A New Year’s Resolution

Some parents have been known to etch lines on a door jam to record the growth of their children. This creative and sentimental visual can be fun to look at over the years, but problematic if you decide to move. We’ve actually heard of people removing the wood and taking it with them as a keepsake!

These days, savvy Pinterest users know how to make giant wooden ruler wall decorations to record how tall a child grows, solving the problem of how to take it with you if you should move. You should definitely try this, but hopefully it’s not the only way you record your child’s growth. Although the giant ruler might work, it won’t record those sweet freckles and toothless grins of those growing stages. At Jack Randall Photography, we know a better way to capture your growing family…

So What’s Your New Year’s Resolution?
Consider making your new year’s resolution a happy one: visit Orange County’s #1 photography studio, Jack Randall Photography this year for family portraits and let us record your growing family! We are so proud to photograph the families that return to us year after year. It’s always fun for us to see how everyone has changed.

There are many painful New Year’s resolutions: no caffeine, no sweets, more exercise, etc…but Jack Randall Photography can offer you a resolution that will be easy and will actually bring you joy for years to come: pictures of those precious faces. The good news is, a commitment to recording the growth of your family can begin at any time, not just in January. We can’t wait to see you. Until then, you can make door jam markings or go make a giant wooden ruler.

We will wait for you.

Merry Christmas Photos

“Christmas Tingle”

It happens every year at some point; but I can never predict exactly when.  You know what I am referring to, It’s the moment when the “Christmas Tingle” hits.  That warm, fuzzy feeling that feels like past Christmas nostalgia, hope for the future and joy, all rolled up into one, giant tidal wave of emotion.

One year it hit me fairly early in the season when we were decorating the tree; the next year it happened in the kitchen as I was cleaning up Christmas Eve dinner with my daughter.  Strangely enough, the “Christmas Tingle” has even hit me while listening to the department store intercom Christmas music. The point is, you can craft a holiday plan designed to fill everyone with the holiday spirit but you can’t guarantee that it will occur at the time you designate.

Things don’t always go as planned

Keep in mind that sometimes things don’t go according to plan and it’s ok.  Let yourself be open to live in the moment and go “off plan” if real life takes you in an interesting direction.  Sometimes the best moments are unscripted.

This general concept can also be applied photography. We can set up a photo shot and put everyone in place with perfect smiles, but sometimes the best image is one that happens spontaneously. When this occurs, it’s best to go with it.

Merry Christmas.  May “the tingle” hit you hard this year.

kids with dog

Hello From the Other Side

Thank you Orange County; we love you.  The 2016 holiday family portrait season has been the busiest ever at Jack Randall Photography. At times, we had 8 photographers working up to 20 sessions a day at 5 preferred locations across Southern Orange County. During this time, our photography team has handled a massive workload with minimal snags. You should have seen our calendar, it was a color-coded mosaic map! The crazy scheduling (we are all still shaking our head in amazement about how it all came together) required remarkable skills by Nikki, “The great.” She is our studio manager and her superpower is doing 100 things at once while being really nice.

Business is booming

Each one of those family portrait sessions generated an enormous amount of digital images that needed to be formatted and organized as we prepared for the flurry of in-studio picture viewing appointments that were coming our way. (In-studio picture viewing appointments are where clients get to see their pictures and discuss cropping and sizing options for their order.) Electronically placing the print orders is one more task that must be done with great care and detail as many orders have special instructions or finishes. By the time a picture has been through the entire Jack Randall Photography process (scheduled, produced, organized, viewed, processed) it has been handled by all of the staff in some manner. All of this happens against the backdrop of the busy holiday season and the ticking time clock of clients trying to get “last minute scheduled” in time for Christmas gifting.

In the middle of all this work, we had some silly laughs as we navigated though the busiest days of the season. (Did we mention that we moved our studio next door to 34102 Violet Lantern on December 1?) Much like any fun work family, we always have a good time when we are together. One thing our team especially enjoys at this busy time of year is the return of so many familiar faces that we have previously photographed.  It was so nice to see you all and how your kids have grown since last time.

Everyday wasn’t “candy canes and snowflakes,” though. As fate would have it, we had a couple of Murphy’s Law moments that really tested our resilience. No matter what happens around this crazy place, our rule of thumb is very simple; it’s a little thing called The Golden Rule and it leads our intentions in everything we do.

Thankfully, the frazzling pace is finally winding down and the studio will soon return to “normal.” Our pro staff has worked hard to deliver great products to our clients and is looking forward to spending some quality time with their own families. You could say that we are gearing up to put a big red bow on the top of of 2015 and say hello to the adventures that 2016 will bring us (after a little rest, of course.)

…but not so fast. At the end of yesterday, a woman in the middle of an in-studio viewing appointment couldn’t hold back her tears as she viewed the images of her family. As it turns out, most of the team was here in studio to see her touching reaction and she sweetly thanked us all for our work. We don’t often get to see this part of the process. It was in that moment, we all took a deep breath and knew we had really made it to “the other side” once again this year.